Who doesn’t want to be fit and stay healthy? Almost everyone. We all wish to be at the top of our health. It not only keeps us fit but also enhances our productivity and boosts activeness.  But when people talk about ‘bodyweight training’, they think and believe that it involves doing endless exercises like sit ups and push ups for prolonged hours. Which is actually not true.

Some people continue to exercise for long stretches and honestly speaking, training like this does not help anyone. So if you want to understand how you will achieve your goal with respect to your fitness, it is important to note that you won’t achieve everything in a single day. Start slowly, make progressions day by day and you will notice immense development. Doing it progressively will help build muscles to the core and doing it excessively will only add to pain and cramps.

And most importantly, the benefit of these exercises are-

  • You don’t have to burn your money in the gym. 
  • You can do these exercises anywhere with a lot of variations as per your convenience.
  • These exercises can help you make improvements in your strength and body movement.
  • These exercises are really helpful in improving reactive strength.

Here we bring to you five of the best bodyweight exercises that will surely help you build muscles. And the best part is you can do these exercises anywhere. Be it gym, your home or during travel you can do these exercises anywhere.

1. Chin/Pull-Ups

It is one of the great strengthening exercises which can help you build muscles. And above that it is very simple to do as all you need to follow is-
– During chin ups your palms should face towards you and greater focus is on the biceps.
– During pull ups your pams should face away from you and less focus on biceps. This exercise is really great and is recommended to build strong back and arms.

2. Push-Up

It is one of the best bodyweight exercises. In this exercise within a single movement you can work upon triceps, chest, shoulders and core. Not  only can you do them with different hand positions but also on an elevated surface which can help focus on shoulders and can involve more muscle fibers. You don’t have to hit the gym, you can just do it anywhere on the floor. Keep doing it slowly like 10 and then increasing it to 20, 30 and so on.

3. Squats

Squats come with great benefits. It is a great exercise for your hips, ankle, thighs and greatly improves your mobility. You can perform them against the wall to improve efficiency. You can also do these exercises by jumping, adding sprints to it for enhanced and improved results.

4. Split Squats

Split Squats are really important as they not only help in building up muscles and strengthening of legs but also improves hip mobility / movement and knee stability. You can do this anywhere as you don’t need expensive equipment. They are helpful for individuals of any age group but elderly should make sure to do them under supervision and in slow progressions.

5. Ab Roll-Outs

This is an advanced version of the planks. It helps in better movement and increases strength. The essential difference between abs roll out and planks is that movement of the upper body. In this the upper body is involved while the torso remains fixed. Though it requires a lot of strength and it is painful in the initial days, over a period of time you will find muscles have been benefited greatly and your body is in shape.

So these are some of the basic body weight training exercises which can be done from the comfort of your home without having to step out. Isn’t it interesting? Without hitting the gym and without spending much on expensive equipment you can strengthen and build your muscles and stay fit. We recommend you do these exercises in a planned manner not aggressively but slowly.

Start doing it in small measures giving time to your body to adapt to the new set of schedules and you will notice your body is more fit than ever. We hope the information we have provided is helpful to you.

Stay fit. Stay healthy.

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