Toys! Toys! Toys! No matter what size, and color they come in, we just love them.

They not only take us back to our old memories lane but also remind us of our beautiful childhood and the time we have spent growing with them. It is an accepted fact that children of any age group learn and grow by playing with them. We all know toys play a very important role and they mean a lot to the kids. Then why not choose the best ones?

Today also if we come across any toy, the inner child in us cannot resist without playing with one.  Isn’t it? Trust me, whether we believe or not, but the toys we buy for our kids play a very important role and make a lot of difference in their learning ability. When kids are in their growing stage it is important to provide them with the right kinds of toys that also helps and allow them to improve their learning abilities. 

You won’t imagine but the toys with which we used to play in our childhood are still popular with kids of present age. Some of you might have seen them in your kids playrooms and they must have reminded you of your golden days.

Hence, we have researched and handpicked a few toys which have always been popular amongst generations. These toys are the best and all time favourites and here is the list especially curtailed for you:

1. Lego

This was invented by a carpenter. Originally they were simply red and white bricks which were interlocked in such a manner that allows children to build anything with them without any limit. It is one of the most popular toys of all times as it has been widely purchased and played and it has sold more than 320 billion blocks.

2. Star Wars figurines

The huge popularity of Star Wars movies led to the introduction of Star war figurines. They have been immensely loved by both kids and adults. This merchandise was sold in large numbers in fact more than 300 million units were sold and was one of the best selling toys. With its introduction it paved the way for countless others to get into this game. It included Batman, Marvel, Star Trek. And it has received great response worldwide.

3. The Coloured Cube- Rubix Cube

It was created in the year 1974 and is also known as rubix cube. More than 350 million units have been sold which is quite a lot.  It was introduced 40 years ago and ranks as one of the best-selling puzzle games of all time. Though it seems very simple to play, but it is tough to master this.

4. Stacking Toy

This was a very popular toy amongst smaller kids. These colourful parts of the toy need rearranging and can be stacked and mastered very quickly. They too have been sold in huge numbers. I am sure you too must have enjoyed playing with them.

5. Rattles

These have been very popular especially amongst the infants and toddlers. All they need to do is shake it. Playing with rattles regularly lets your little one grab it, play with it and hone their fine motor skills. It is very useful for them as they can just play while lying down with one hand. The ability to hold it and react to the noise improves the ability among your little ones and keeps them alert & hooked. It is very easy to handle, manage and most importantly it is found in every little one’s playroom. 

So guys, these are the few toys which have hogged our minds when we were young and mind it they are still quite popular. They created a lot of rage and they are still being sold. It does not matter which generation we are, as our elders have played with them and our younger generation is also having good time playing with them. These toys have been in the market since years and they are still fetching the limelight since they are very easy to manage and they are completely safe for your loved ones.

You can buy them for your little one’s as they are very easily available and let them enjoy the best time of their life. 

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