Indians are known all over the world for their love and inclination towards natural products when it comes to skin, and hair. 

Since time immemorial our elders have been boasting of various benefits the natural products have to offer. And we are sure you must have definitely heard your grandmothers telling you the benefits of one such natural product coconut oil.  

Coconut oil for hair is an amazing natural health product when used regularly. It is a multipurpose health and beauty product. People use it for multiple reasons, from cooking and cleaning to moisturizing their skin and removing  makeup. Isn’t it interesting?

And when it comes to hair, no other oil can beat coconut oil. It keeps hair strong, healthy and shiny. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and has antiviral, and antibacterial properties. It nourishes hair with various vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. When using coconut oil for hair, it helps in the improvement of scalp health, fights infections and fungus. Coconut oil has multiple benefits as it can be used for oiling as well as for skins. 

Here we bring to you the benefits coconut oil has to offer for hair. And we are sure once you try it you will definitely love it. Learn how this oil can help you fight hair problems and can make your hair look beautiful and lustrous.

  • You can use it as a protective layer
    You can use Coconut oil as a protective layer before you head to the swimming pool or any beach. Using a pool can damage your hair therefore it is recommended to apply oil before taking a swim as it protects by forming a protective layer. It helps keep your hair safe from unwanted elements. All you need to do is simply  cover your hair with oil for one hour or so.
  • It helps in detangling your hair
    You can detangle your hair locks with the help of coconut oil. Just use a small amount through your hair on tangled areas and damaged ends. Do this with the help of your fingers gently. It will help to release tangles and also improves the hair break stress.

  • Hair growth
    Lot of people are in love with long hair. However, due to pollution, stringent work schedules, styling and grooming often they are damaged. This can make hair growth difficult if proper care is not taken. Using coconut oil can  help in promotion of hair growth. It promotes thickness and helps in growing them longer. It keeps the nutrients intact. With proper massage it stimulates blood circulation and relieves stress.

    You can do this for 10 minutes 3 to 4 times in a week if you  want to grow long, sleek and shiny hair. Coconut oil reduces breakage, protects them from protein loss and  environmental damage like sun and smoke.

  • Lice prevention
    Coconut oil is found to be very useful for ones who have lice. You can start by applying coconut oil in your hands and detangling your hair first. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it rest for two hours. Comb hair once again and rinse it.

  • Helps in treating dandruff
    Dandruff is often caused due to overgrowth of fungus or yeast on the scalp. Since coconut oil has antimicrobial properties it is therefore often considered as useful for treating dandruff to some extent. 

It is important to note that the quantity we take while applying also matters. It feels most beneficial when applied in small quantities to reduce frizz and improve the condition. When applied too much it may feel greasy and heavy. So try avoiding it in a lot of quantities.

Washing, styling and even washing your hair everyday can damage them and make them look broken, dry and dull. Coconut oil is therefore recommended and should be used on your hair to reduce loss of protein and make them look healthy. Research has indicated that coconut oil is better than mineral or sunflower oil in preventing hair loss. 

Always remember to first apply oil to your hair before washing it. It helps reduce the amount of damage that can happen during washing.

These are some of the benefits we are sure you will definitely agree. Using coconut oil in your hair care routine can help you grow longer, healthier hair. It also comes with other host of benefits like-

  • Protection from sun.
  • Using coconut oil while cooking can also help as it provides a lot of nutrients.

We hope you will find this information useful and it will help you solve many of your hair problems. Just remember to take care of your hair by following a hair care routine on a regular basis.
Keep using it and enjoy the benefits it has to offer.

Have a shiny hairy day!

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