With technological advancements, we have a lot of marketing tools at our disposal but nothing can beat the tactics of email marketing. It still counts for the most effective marketing tool which is capable of generating the highest ROI and is highly competitive as well.

Being the most cost-effective and results-oriented it is still being accepted as one of the mediums to communicate with the target audiences. But it is very important to plan and implement the execution strategically to generate expected results.

There are numerous email marketing tools available that can help you in important steps like planning, execution, and automating your email marketing marketing campaign as and when required. 

One of the unique advantages of marketing tools is that you can generate reports and statistics which helps you keep track of the performance. But when it comes to choosing the email marketing tools, you should explore the ones which are reliable and result oriented. 

To help you with your search, we have brought 5 best email marketing tools for your businesses that will help make decisions.

1. GetResponseClick Here!

This is one of the unique email marketing platforms which also offers additional landing page creator and webinar solutions. This platform has a user base of over 350,000 and acts as an all in one marketing-based platform.

If one has to create emails, then there is an additional and intuitive feature to drag and drop the builder. Additional features include A/B testing, software integrations, and autoresponders.

If you want to increase or improve the open rate of the emails then there is a feature that lets you know the perfect timing which means the best time to send the email.

Pricing Plan-

This is a great platform for medium-sized enterprises that want to access a lot of marketing options. To use this platform, no additional skills are required as it is easy to use and operate. Pricing of the plans includes- Basic plan, plus, and professional plan.

There is a 30 day free trial for this platform and you can get access to a lot of features. One feature to note is that there is no money back refund for utilizing any of these services.

Some of the unique features of this platform are-

  • Intelligent editing tools
  • You can add buttons and can track or retrieve your email history
  • It offers numerous customized templates for creating your email newsletter with a lot of stock images.

2. SendInBlueClick Here!

Enterprises with a low budget can utilize SendinBlue email marketing solution for optimized results. It comes with a free plan.

Originally it was built to send transactions based emails but now they have collaborated and they are integrated with email & SMS campaigns. It is easy to use and highly user friendly, with the campaign, reporting, and layout optimization.

To utilize advanced features, one has to get upgraded to advanced plans. 

Pricing Plan-

Pricing for this plan is based on enterprises that want to spend a lot of emails. Pricing is entirely based on email volume and not contact list sizes.

With a limited free plan, one can send emails of up to 300 emails per day with a monthly limit of 9000 emails per month and an unlimited number of contacts.

The plans offered are highlight flexible so you can buy the credits for email depending upon the requirement.

Some of the unique features of this plan are:

  • It allows you to store unlimited contacts and they can be used as a free email marketing plan. 
  • It lets you send up to 300 emails per day.
  • Transactional emails can be sent to the user’s segment-wise.
  • It allows us to connect with the clients on a real-time basis through an interactive chat service.

3. HubSpotClick Here!

One of the most popular email marketing and CRM tool is HubSpot / It comes with numerous features which include- packed free of charge bundle, along with some premium paid plans.

Its reliable services are meant for more than 70,000 users and the set up is simple to use and implement. It connects with Gmail, G Suite, and multiple versions of Outlook with ease.

You can easily customize the layouts with easy to use drag-and-drop options, where you can also add CTAs, images, and tweak your content. 

These advanced features make it the most popular and easy to use the tool.

It is an excellent tool for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to scale up their operations. It offers flexible plans and easy to upgrade options.

Pricing plan

HubSpot has both free and paid subscription plans which offer a wide range of additional CRM features.

4. MailChimpClick Here!

For bloggers and small enterprises, MailChimp is one of the most reliable and easy to use marketing tool platforms. It comes with a free and unique platform.

They are one of the most popular and provide support for over 1 billion users per day.

One of the unique advantages of this tool is that it offers social media integrations with additional functionality for the autoresponder, automatic scheduling with time-based sending.

Pricing Plan

The free plan of this tool allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers and you can send emails up to 10,000 per month. As you exceed the numbers you would need to upgrade to other plans which include- Essentials, Standard, or Premium plan.

Some of the unique features of this tool are-

  • Integration of email ids with shopping carts & CRMs.
  • Free email service for the initial 500 subscribers.
  • It allows you to create a personal sign up form in sync with your brand identity, offering you an opportunity to post on social media accounts like Facebook.

5. Constant ContactClick Here!

Founded in the year 1995, constant contact has become one of the largest email marketing service providers in the world.

When it comes to small or medium enterprises, constant contact is the best marketing service. This tool comes with a free trial of 60 days and it offers extensive customization and integration options. It is also very simple and highly user friendly.

One of the simplest features of this tool is that it lets you integrate numerous tools on the platform. It provides you with access to event management tools and social media tools which lets you create coupons and download them on social media platforms.

It also offers niche-specific templates with access to live chat, email, and phone support.

Pricing Plan-

It comes with two plans depending upon the number of subscribers to be utilized. One is a basic email plan and the other is email plus plan.

If you want to try a free email campaign then this solution is for you. It offers you confirmed results and some of its unique features are-

  • You can control and customize your email campaign templates with great editing tools.
  • You can easily manage your database growing list and can integrate social media very effectively.
  • Real-time tracking for your tasks.



These are some of the most widely used email marketing platforms.

You will notice, most of these service providers offer similar services but when it comes to choosing the right one you should consider your budget as well as the email credits you would like to utilize based on the database of your contacts. 


These are also some of the most cost-effective marketing platforms which will help you generate results on a real-time basis.

Start with your email marketing campaigns soon to instantly get connected with your prospective customers as well as target audiences. 



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