Connecting through video conferencing has become an integral part of our work lives. Earlier they were highly utilized for talking to the external clients and partners but now they have become extremely important and critical for internal communications as well.

Thanks to the work flexibility which is being offered to the employees today and also the current pandemic situation which has brought everyone on the same platform to connect digitally. 

Now all the meeting, collaborations, interactions are taking place online through the video conferencing tools

Since the majority of the workforce is working from home, the tech providers of these services are working hard to meet every requirement and seamlessly provide the services within competitive price points. 

Video conferencing has now become a key for collaboration with teams and individuals sitting remotely.

Here we bring to you the best 5 video conferencing tools and why you should try them for your workforce for increased productivity and results.

1. Cisco – Click Here!

Cisco is a renowned brand name in the industry and it has positioned itself as a leader in providing meeting Solutions. 

The solution offered by Cisco is entirely device-agnostic and has a web-based interface that cuts down on installation requirements.

It offers tools for video calls, team collaboration, webinars, and a lot more. 

Cisco video conferencing tool comes with a lot of features. 

  • They are the best-in-class solutions with complete security and safety. You can be rest assured of the communication being undertaken.
  • They have built-in intelligence that detects and removes background sound which results in seamless communication.
  • Easy connectivity with hardware products.

2. Slack – Click Here!

Slack solutions are very simple to use. The users can use the command/call feature by clicking the phone icon at the top of the conversation with another Slack user.

Slack can be utilized to connect up to 15 people if you start it with a channel and allow the rest of the channel members to join.

This tool is excellent in every respect and works best with small teams. Some of the best features offered by slack which are free of cost are:

  • It allows group calls of up to 15 people
  • Provides Individual calling facility
  • Users/teams can utilize messenger facility

3. Zoom – Click Here!

Zoom is a very popular video conferencing tool. It comes with 4 different plans to meet the different scale of requirements.

In the free version or the feature plan, it offers connectivity with up to 100 participants per call. Some of the best features in its free features include-

  • Connectivity with up to 100 participants per call.
  • It allows one to one group meetings.
  • There is no limit to the meetings which you would like to conduct with your colleagues and peers.
  • High Definition video and audio facility.
  • It allows screen sharing and scheduled meetings
  • The group chat facility is also provided and the host of the meeting is allowed to take care of the controls.

The free version has been offering excellent results and as the business continues to expand you can avail specialized support as well which will not only enhance features but also excellent flexibility.

You can also customize the tool’s look and feel.

The enterprise version of Zoom meetings can include up to 1000 participants and screen sharing up to 49. These meetings can be saved on the cloud and can be accessed later for reference.

4. Google Hangouts – Click Here!

It is one of the most affordable videos conferencing tools for small & medium enterprises.

G suite portfolio of Google offers hangouts video conferencing solution which is built-in functionality. It is very simple and easy to use without any additional cost.

If you already have a paid subscription to G suite then you can enjoy features such as link meeting link sharing, work hour defn, and so on.

Some of the best features in its free version includes-

  • Video connectivity with up to 25 video participants.
  • It allows video, audio, and messenger conversations.
  • Seamless communication with high definition quality.
  • Meetings can be recorded very easily.
  • Calls can also be joined using google calendar.

5. Adobe connect – Click Here!

Adobe Connect is another very reliable video conferencing and chat software. It offers tools that include online meetings, webinar solutions, and/or visual classroom solutions.

You can utilize the services depending on the requirements of your organization. The basic plan covers recording and editing tools for meetings & it comes with storage.

Apart from its facility to connect through the video calls, it also allows chats and polls, video editing, media sharing, and much more.

Apart from these features Adobe connect also offers numerous integrations like- Countdown Timer, Adobe Connect Clock, Polling Pod, YouTube Player, Sticky Note Pages, Canvas LMS Integration, SAP Enterprise Learning Integration, and much more.

It has a free 90-day trial and its plan starts at $50/month.


So these are the best 5 video conferencing tools that are widely being utilized across the industries. They have been benefiting the companies on a day to day basis in terms of interaction and communication.

Today, businesses are making every effort to improve employee engagement in their organizations.

Through video conferencing tools now communications are not limited to geographies and employees are no longer required to be physically present. 

You can try utilizing the free features being offered by these tools before going ahead with their plans. We are sure you are going to love them due to their excellent performance & connectivity.


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