As we all know, web hosting services are the foundation on which we built our websites. It does not matter if we are a small enterprise, an MNC or any store but if we need an impactful online presence then we will require web hosting which is highly reliable and secure. The web hosting services you will choose will allow you to build your website for a concrete online presence and would make it accessible on the internet for everyone. There are many service providers in India but the most comprehensive ones will ensure to offer a complete package of services which will include: Dedicated servers and management, companion email addresses, hosting for WordPress-built sites, SSL certificates and much more.

If you are ready to sign up for a new web hosting service provider for your business then there are a few important things to remember before finalizing the right service provider:

  • Make sure you get what you are paying for. Check all the services and support being provided.
  • Check the pricing properly before finalizing and what all it covers.
  • See for how long service providers are in the business and read their reviews online. It is very important to check reviews shared by the users.
  • Check if the provider offers 99.9% uptime and consistent 24×7 service support.
  • Excellent speed- Speed is very important, make sure the response time is effective.

Currently, in India, there are so many web hosting service providers who are providing 99.9% uptime and support. So how to identify which is best suited as per your current business requirements and are also cost-effective? Choosing the right web hosting service provider is critical for any successful online business because any delays in response time can make you lose your business leads or potential customers. Hence, to help you choose the best we have recently explored a massive list of web hosting service providers in India and we have picked up 5 best performing brands to help you with your business. These brands are as follows:

1. Site Ground –

The site ground is one of the fastest and secure web hosting service providers. It has been known as the best provider when it comes to WordPress hosting which offers top-notch security followed by ultrafast websites. With their data center located in Singapore the response time is typically below 100ms. Which is good? Isn’t it? And on average the world wide response time noted is 165 ms.

SiteGround customer care team is amongst the highest-rated support system that the company offers. The team is highly multi-skilled and reliable. What makes them unique in their approach is:

– They are extremely quick in responding to the user queries almost within seconds. You don’t have to wait for your answers.
– The team is highly proficient and helpful.
– 24×7 user support system through phone, email, chat, and ticket.

One of the unique benefits of choosing SiteGround web hosting service providers is that they offer free inclusion of SSL certificate for their users.  Apart from these benefits the reseller plans are also being provided and they are very attractive. Each user gets 10 GB of disk space and cPanel site management, with unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, databases, and secure FTP accounts.

Comparing all these benefits we really feel SiteGround is one of the best service providers with consolidated data center support in Singapore. Great, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for, give it a try and go ahead.

2. BlueHost –

One of another worth web hosting service providers is Bluehost and it is ranked as a top web host. The host service provider is known to provide Weebly based website builder and lets you create a basic website of up to 6 pages. When you purchase Bluehost service provider it provides you with basic website builder along with it. You can be assured of great customer care support.

It was launched in the year 2003 and its data centers are located in the US with dedicated service providers in India. If you are looking at a good speed then you can choose Bluehost. It is very popular amongst many bloggers and affiliate marketers and you will be delighted to know that WordPress has officially recommended it as a hosting service provider.

It comes with very nominal pricing with plans starting from the basic range of INR 209 per month.

The plan Bluehost offer covers: SSL certificates, domain name, site migration facility, and a money-back guarantee within 30 days along with free domain for the first year. If your website is built on WordPress, then you can consider signing up for Bluehost. Bluehost offers both WordPress and WooCommerce hosting with different plans available.

The best offer which Bluehost provides to its user is that it allows daily backup of the data even on the sharing of hosting accounts at lowest prices.

3. A2 Hosting –

A2 hosting service provider is an American based web hosting company and is well proclaimed for its well defined Turbo servers and optimization features. They also offer Linux and Windows-based servers and covers CDN, caching and SSL for all their plans. There are some plans which offer uptime monitoring and regular backups along with malware scanning. HostGuard is a managed hosting service A2 hosting offers.

The best part is that the subscribers enrolled for this service have access to support team 24×7 which offers the best services support and manages the network, hardware, software, and security issues. If you are looking at speed then it is the best provider as it takes a few nanoseconds to get your data from the server.

The company also provides a 30-day money back guarantee. You can reach their customer support through email, phone, cat and tickets 24×7. There may be times when there is difficulty reaching the team but once connected you can sail through all your problems and concerns.

4. Hostgator –

Hostgator is one of the cheapest and most reliable hosting service providers in India. It is being widely used across the world and hosts more than 10 million websites. It has a great knowledge base and brilliant user interface which makes it highly effective to use.

It has been chosen as one of the best service providers in India as the plans it has introduced are cheaper and comes along with a host of unique features. It is highly affordable, offers impeccable uptime (100%), free back ups, unlimited disk space domain, cPanel, and PHP 7.1 framework.

The support team is always available at your disposal for issues if any and it also offers 45 days money back guarantee. So you can think of trying this one out.

5. Hostinger India –

Hostinger is one of the perfect choices for the ones who are experimenting and venturing out for the first time. It hails from Lithuania and is one of the biggest providers with a user base of over 30 million users at highly affordable prices. The features provided are excellent and offer customized technology like control panel making it user-friendly.

With a wide range of plans it offers, you can be assured as it can be easily optimized for WordPress websites with alarming speed. With a server located in Singapore, the response time is excellent. Response request was tested from various locations like Singapore, Japan, Sydney and was found to be below 190 ms and with Bengaluru 99ms.

Hostinger customer support

Hostinger offers excellent customer support services with 24×7 experts readily available to attend your requirements. You can connect with their team through calls, e-mail, live chat services.

The live chat feature is available on the bottom right of the dashboard and allows communicating through emojis, gifs, and files. The best part is that Hostinger serves in 20 countries in their native languages which help in adding a personal touch along with customized plans to add more.

You can rest assured in terms of great speed, features, and ease of use. One of the other noting advantages is that it offers 1 free domain namewith every new account. Though Hostinger does not provide free benefits like their competitors which include free SSL, backups they are one of the best-known providers because of their amazing introductory prices.

After undergoing extensive research on various web hosting services brands, we have identified the best providers in India. We have experienced all the pros and cons of these brands and it is our personal opinion that the International web hosts like- SiteGround, Hostinger and A2 Hosting are the ones which are worth trying. The excellent speed quality, reliability and great team support is something which we are sure you would be interested in for your website.

As per our understanding, Bluehost is a good choice for you if you are looking at US markets. The service provider is reliable and well balanced. It is believed to be a good web host provider for new bloggers and affiliate marketers!

In the Indian markets, if pricing is your main concern then you can choose BigRock and GoDaddy to meet your needs. These providers offer very quick local pings, but you will have to give up on certain features and customer support. If the customer support problem is not an issue for you then you can surely go ahead with the deal.

We really hope our research will help you in the decision-making process and you will be in a position to choose the right service provider for your online web presence.

Good luck!

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